Preconception Care Package

What Is Preconception Care?

The physical, nutritional and emotional health and wellbeing of both partners play a vital role in falling pregnant and producing a healthy embryo. Poor egg and sperm health is a primary factor in a couple's difficulty to conceive and can contribute to long-term fertility issues, miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, and genetic defects.

The journey to ovulation and the production of a mature egg ready for fertilisation is around 100 days. Spermatogenesis occurs over a 90 day cycle, and just as in females, the health of the sperm are a reflection and product of the previous 90 days.

The best time to start preparing for a baby is 4-6 months before you want to start trying.

Egg and sperm quality are a primary focus in the preconception period. The quality of the genetic material from both the sperm and the egg determines the health of the pregnancy and future genetic predisposition for the child.

Through a range of assessments, consultations and functional testing, Wild Oak's preconception care package will educate, empower and address factors influencing the health and fertility of the couple.

Preconception care offers support to couples with fertility problems and also for those who simply want their child to have the healthiest start to life. My aim is not only to improve the chances of conception but to also improve the chances of a natural and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby. 


At present, it is estimated that 1 in 6 couples are infertile. These statistics are staggering, and unfortunately on the rise each year. It is thought that many of these issues are related to a Western lifestyle that has deteriorated rapidly. We live in a ‘toxic’ society. Environmental pollution, polluted water, toxic farming methods, chemicals, radiation, heavy metals are frequent problems. Nutrient levels in the soil are poor, we live a sedentary lifestyle and don’t compensate with adequate exercise. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and food additives are high in our diets. Add onto this the stress of progress and it becomes obvious as to why our modern lifestyle is affecting fertility levels.

Preconception care aims to:

  • Prevent congenital defects

  • Prevent chronic health conditions such as asthma, allergy, immune dysfunction

  • Support a healthy robust immune syndrome

  • Support your child’s ability to resist damage from environmental and lifestyle toxicity

  • Support the nutritional health of your child

  • Ensure good fertility of your child ​


As each couple will require different levels of treatment around each key areas, the preconception plan program will be adjusted and coordinated to suit you. 

As a guideline, over the course of 14 weeks, there will be:

  • Monitoring basal body temperature and cervical mucus to pinpoint ovulation

  • Blood tests, semen analysis and other medical pathology tests which are used to personalise individual treatment programs

  • Screening for essential trace elements (eg. zinc & iron) and for toxic metals (eg lead & mercury)

  • Avoiding everyday environmental hazards

  • Avoiding common social poisons (eg. cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine)

  • Exercising regularly, reducing stress, thinking positively

  • Treating reproductive and fertility problems in both prospective parents detoxifying

  • Treating any underlying health issues that may have an impact on pregnancy and conception health

  • Treating infections, inflammation and root causes of poor health 

  • Assessing any functional pathology tests 

  • 5 x Conception Care Naturopathy consultations + ongoing email and phone support

  • 2 x Fertility/ Preconception Care Massage 

  • Nutritional and herbal medicine supplements for both partners (Prenatal supplements will be at an additional charge for both males and female clients).

  • Personal dietary care plans and recipes

  • A specialised ovulation thermometer + app for menstrual cycle tracking ovulation

  • Pathology test referrals for individual requirements

Focus Areas of The Program


Improving nutritional intake should happen prior to conception. This is a time of nutrient repletion, where the future mother must be in an optimal nutritional status to be equipped for the demands of pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period. Nutritional deficiencies also affect the quality of the egg and sperm and are vitally important for the best possible outcomes.

As your Naturopath, I will comprehensively review your dietary intake and review your eating habits to generate personalised nutritional advice and supplementation as required on the back of pathology and functional testing when necessary. Establishing sound nutrition and making even the most minor of adjustments can have a profound influence on sperm quality and fetal development.

Stress and Emotional Wellbeing

Stress can have a huge impact on the reproductive systems of both men and women.  In men, stress may result in low testosterone and decreased sperm production. In women, stress can inhibit the production of important hormones including LH, estrogen and progesterone. The stress that you carry, is transferred through the DNA in your sperm or eggs, to your child.

we will address ways to both manage and reduce stress in your life. working on looking at clearing your stress response pathways, and alleviating emotional and trauma blockages. This can help to ensure your emotional wellbeing and positivity that will be transferred to the unborn baby, and reduce any relationship friction or strains.


Environmental Exposure

Our modern environments can often be a source of unsuspected exposure to toxicities that damage our DNA and affect our ability to manufacture hormones optimally in both men and women. Exposure to various environmental pollutants add to the load on our detoxification pathways that are already working hard for us everyday.

We will help you identify your exposure and risk through the consultation process and functional testing where required and assist you in supporting your channels of detoxification prior to trying to conceive. Your Acupuncturist will also seek to assist in the restoration of the normal functioning of your detoxification pathways through targeting your meridian points and re-establishing flow. Acupuncture has also been shown to be of positive benefit with IVF treatments.



We discuss in detail your lifestyle, from work and home life to the amount of sleep you’re getting and activities you do. They will outline what you should avoid and what you should do more of to help foster the fertility process.

A fertile body is a body that is calm, fed regularly and adequately and well-rested. As your naturopath, I will help you restore balance and help you advocate for what you need for the best possible outcome.



Being fit and active in preconception will help optimise your body’s ability to conceive, and manage the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy will bring.

We will recommend community yoga and pilates classes a week to attend to promote movement and fitness. We can also recommend personal training and group training sessions for preconception care clients.


Who Should Undertake Preconception Care

Preconception care helps to optimise the conditions for healthy fertility of both partners and is recommended for anyone looking to strengthen the conception and birth process.

It is however particularly important for couples who have fertility issues or face additional challenges to their fertility health. Preconception care can help older couples, those undergoing IVF, those with health or weight issues, couples who have faced physical, mental or genetic issues with previously conceived children, or who have had exposure to toxicities or long-term medication usage (such as the Pill).

please be aware depending on your current health conditions other supplements and pathologies may be required at an additional charge).

Single Preconception Program (14 weeks)

One-Off Payment 

$680.00  (10% discount when paid in full)

(full payment normally $748.00)

Weekly Payment

$53.42/ Weekly

Both Partners Preconception Program (14 weeks)

One Off Payment 

$820.00 (10% discount when paid in full)

(full payment normally $902.00) 

Weekly Payment

$64.42/ Weekly