Naturopathic Postpartum Doula Support

When a baby is born, so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth. (Julia Jones)


Having a new baby is an exciting time in a woman's life but it’s also can be a big transition. As a newborn mum you have opened up a new world where you are not only recovering from your pregnancy and birth, and now you are experiencing the demands a beautiful little newborn can bring, this can be an overwhelming experience for most women.


Our modern western society views rest after birth as a luxury and that a newborn mum should be able to do it all on her own. This is so far from what we as women should be experiencing as a newborn mum. A woman stepping into the postpartum phase of her life should be surrounded by a village of women showing her how to be a mum and making sure she is well-rested and cared for at least the first 30 days of becoming a newborn mum.  

What is a Naturopathic postpartum doula?

A Naturopathic postnatal doula is different from a birth doula. A birth doula is someone who helps during birth. A postnatal doula in contrast is someone who in my opinion is far more valuable and needed, a person who helps after birth with meals, warm hugs, non-judgemental support, belly binding, gentle oil massage, assist you with building your village of new mums, assist with child care for older children, and creation of nourishing meals to help you heal body mind and soul after you have given your self through pregnancy and birth you to need to be supported and cared for to be the best mum you need to be, And if that is not enough support I have added in your very own support of a naturopath to assist you with healing both physically and emotionally while showing you natural nontoxic ways to care for your newborn baby.  



How can a Postpartum Doula Help? 

A postnatal doula is someone whom you can rely on and assist to take the load off your shoulders. Someone you know won’t overstay their welcome or leave you with a mess. Someone who won’t offer unwelcome advice or judgment. Someone who will treasure you is doing things right when you feel uncertain, or unsure on your journey into motherhood. A confidante. A warm hug. A smile from a woman who just knows. Intuitive support when you need it most. The services I can provide are listed below. The Home Support pack can be tailored to your special needs. Don’t want the massage? I’ll bring extra meals. Don’t need help with older siblings? I’ll tidy or help with basic cleaning or food prep instead. See below for more details and please contact me for a tailored postnatal solution that feels good to you.


Are you fearful of the experience of becoming a mum? 

While this may be a very direct and somewhat intense question the truth is that when it comes to having a baby, and recovering well – facing your fears in the face and asking for support is incredibly powerful. 

Maybe you had a traumatic birth experience last time around and experienced postnatal depression (and don’t wish for that to happen again.) Maybe you felt isolated with baby number one and longed for the support of loving family and friends in the days weeks and months after birth. Perhaps this is your first baby and you are worried about too much interference or control from a well-meaning mother or mother-in-law.


Whatever the case, sitting down with a Naturopathic postnatal doula and talking through these things intimately during pregnancy before the baby comes can go a long way towards setting the stage for peace, harmony, and just the right kind of support for you and your new little family in the postnatal period. Emotional support can be offered via flower essence to assist in healing past trauma. 



Total of 2 in-home visits

each visit is 60 minutes 

Total of 4 in-clinic visits 

each visit is 60 minutes


1 x Naturopathic (In clinic) Pregnancy visit for postpartum planning

2 x Naturopathic Postpartum home visits (valid up to 3 months post-birth)

2 x In clinic Postpartum Massage 

1 x Naturopathic (In clinic) Postpartum Consultation 


Visits may include:

  • Prenatal Support to help you build your village, educate your caregivers and family on your needs and requests, encouragement to ask for help.

  • 2 x Postpartum Massage In-Home or in the clinic for relaxation and healing, lowering of cortisol and elevation of oxytocin the ‘bonding’ hormone.

  • Naturopathic Consultation to assess nutrient requirements, postpartum supplementation routine for prevention of postnatal depletion (supplements at additional cost)

  • Belly binding to enhance recovery of tummy muscles and connective tissue with or without traditional herbs at your discretion

  • Childminding of older siblings while you shower, nap, or take care of important appointments

  • Referral to health professionals as indicated – lactation consultation, pediatrician, GP, women’s health physiotherapist, psychologist

  • Caring for baby so you can get some sleep.

  • Newborn care, assisting with bathing, feeding time and changing nappies etc

  • Assist with debriefing your birth story and providing Naturopathic emotional support as needed

  • Assistance with bonding with your newborn, which includes partners

  • Supporting you to trust your intuition

  • Support with discovering your own parenting philosophy

  • Sibling support, ways to include siblings/help them transition

  • Prepare basic nutritious food for the family

  • Light domestic tasks.

  • Assisting with any health issues, or pathology testing that may arise for you or bubs. Any products that may be required will be at an additional cost. 

Wild Oak Naturopathy Postpartum Home Support Package 

One-Off Payment 

$530.10 (10% discount when paid in full)

(full payment normally $589.00)

Weekly Payment

$53.55/ Weekly for 11 weeks.

Relevant Qualifications:

Postnatal Doula – Newborn Mothers Collective 2019

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Western Herbalist – Endeavour College of Natural Health 2018

Pregnancy Massage Therapist – Pregnancy Massage Australia 2012

Postpartum Massage Therapist- Pregnancy Massage Australia 2014

Senior First Aid – Current

Police Check – Current