What Can Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Do For You In Pregnancy?

If you have recently become pregnant I'm sure you would have heard about

red raspberry leaf tea and all the benefits his can bring to help as a uterine tonic in your later trimesters of pregnancy.

What is red raspberry leaf exactly?

Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus) is probably one of the most common and safest herbs used during pregnancy and during labour. The herb is considered safe after the first trimester. It helps to strengthen the uterus, improve labour outcomes and prevent excessive bleeding after birth. Studies have found that although Red Raspberry Leaf does not necessary stimulate or shorten the duration of labour it may improve labour outcomes and reduce the need for medical intervention at birth. It is considered a gently and effective nutritive herb.

Red raspberry leaves contains a rich assortment of vitamins including vitamin B complex, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Across the world, red raspberry leaf is used to treat Dysmenorrhoea, morning sickness pas the first trimester, mouth ulcers, diarrhoea and topically for tonsillitis.

When taken during pregnancy, red raspberry leaf is said to assist with the mother’s immune system, ease morning sickness and promote better circulation.

Taking raspberry leaf in the second and third trimester is believed to help strengthen uterine muscles and tone the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth.

Scientific clinical studies have shown that pregnant women who take red raspberry leaf have a reduced incidence of birth interventions, along with women who drink red raspberry leaf tea regularly towards the end of their pregnancies had shorter second stages of labour than those who don’t. ( For this reason alone, I would say this herb is a necessity for all pregnant women).

How Should I Take Red Raspberry Leaf?

My Naturopathic advice is to source organic Red Raspberry Leaf in loose leaf form from a reliable source, this way you know there is no pesticides or herbicides among other chemicals in the mix. These can be sourced in teabag form from a health shop, Naturopath or online stores.

Beware of imported cheap teas which may be contaminated with other items.

A Naturopath can also supply Red raspberry leaf in a tincture form that can be added to your daily water.

How Much Red Raspberry Leaf Should I Take?

The best way to prepare your raspberry leaf tea is to boil a cup of water, placing it into a teapot. Put in a teaspoon of raspberry leaf tea, stir or swish and then let it steep for ten minutes. When ten minutes is up, pour it into your favourite mug and enjoy!

You can have up to 4 cups of raspberry leaf tea in your second and third trimester, minimal of 1-2 cups is recommend.

If you would like to try our organic "red raspberry leaf" loose leaf tea, please feel free to head over to our Tea for Two page and select the "red raspberry leaf" tea.

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