Are you experiencing period problems? Let's talk about Vitex!

What is Vitex and How Can It Benefit You?

Vitex is a plant based medicine prepared from the berries of a large Mediterranean tree (Vitex agnus-castus also know as Chase tree).

Did you know it was used by monks to suppress their libido. Lucky for us ladies, it does not have that effect in women.

How does Vitex work in Females?

Vitex works on promoting your progesterone by assisting with ovulation. If you look at hormones we have two master hormones in our brain one is the Pituitary gland. Vitex works by preventing your pituitary gland from making too much prolactin hormone.

Prolactin has an ovulation-inhibiting effect, so producing less prolactin we will have better ovulation and cycle. Vitex also contains opiate like constituents that assist with calming of your nervous system, therefore you will experience less premenstrual anxiety and sleep issues.  

When considering taking Vitex, you should consider the following.

Should I take Vitex for PMS?

If you are experiencing premenstrual symptoms such as fluid retention, breast pain and irritability this would be due to oestrogen excess. In clinical studies Vitex has shown to be one of the leading herbs to be used for PMS due to its progesterogenic actions.

Should I use Vitex for breast pain

If you are experiencing premenstrual breast pain Vitex has shown to be beneficial, assisting with reducing lumpiness and pain in breast tissues, I would recommend to be used along side other natural herbal and mineral treatments.

Best time to take Vitex?

Studies have shown the best time to take Vitex would be first thing in the morning as this is when your pituitary gland is most receptive.

If my period is irregular should I take Vitex?

Vitex is a strong herbal medicine and works on promoting ovulation and has the ability to bring on a period with in a couple of months. However you would want to be careful as Vitex is not for everyone, if you have PCOS or suspect you might have PCOS then Vitex may cause your symptoms to be come worse due to elevating the LH (luteinizing hormone). With PCOS the luteinizing hormone is already higher than normal levels and as a result this will cause further symptoms to present. This is a area best left to the professionals as Vitex can assist with androgen excess (Hirsutism) with prolactin hormone for PCOS.

What part of my cycle should I by taking Vitex?

Do take in your follicular phase With your cycle you have two phases (Follicular phase and Luteal phase). Follicular phases is the first part of your cycle till ovulation and the luteal phases is after ovulation untill your period commences.

Vitex should be taken in the Follicular phases to assist with promoting ovulation and continue until your first day of your period, If you dont experience regular periods then read the next question for assistance around pulse dose.

Should I have a break from Vitex?

Having a break is a good idea, I recommend to stop taking when you have your period (4-5 day break) if you have irregular periods I would recommend to take Vitex for 25 days then have a break for 5 and repeat.

I would always recommend to take herbal medicine with the support of qualified practitioner. If you would like to have a chat about your current condition then please feel free to contact me on

0425 744 078 for a complementary 15 minute chat.

Claire x

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