Botanical Dispensary 


Wild Oak has a comprehensive range of herbs in the form of dried herbs, liquid extracts, tablets and powders. I strive to access the best quality products whether they are herbs or supplements. Where possible, I use companies that use contract manufacturers based in Australia or whose ethical standards, in terms of accessing raw products, are in line with our own philosophy. 

The dispensary is for the use of Wild Oak Naturopathy patients or new clients wishing to have an acute consultation. Patients can contact myself directly to re-dispense medicines and these can be either collected from the clinic or sent by courier or mail.

The dispensary is open at the following times for pick-ups:

Monday: 9am-2.30pm
Tuesday: 9am-2.30pm
Wednesday: 9am-2.30pm
Thursday: 9am-2.30pm
Friday: 9am-2.30pm

It is recommended to call, text or email before coming to do a pickup.